We hope our frequently asked questions helps you with planning your event. If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

casino nights niHow does the money work in a Fun Casino?

No real money is involved with a fun casino. You and your guests use ‘fun money’ to exchange for chips supplied by our professional croupiers. At the end of the gaming session, the guest with the most chips left can win a prize.

Is it necessary to have an understanding of casino gaming?

Not at all! Our Trained croupier will explain how the games are played to your guests, by the end of the night, they will all be professional gamers!

How many tables will I need?

The number of tables that will best suit your event depends on the number of guests and whether there are other events going on at the same time. Many of the functions we attend often have a disco or band. In this case, and as a rough rule of thumb, divide the number of guests by two. This will likely be the number you wish to entertain at the gaming tables at any one time. Each table can accommodate 9-14 players at a time.

Can younger guests play?

Of course! Guests of all ages can join in on the fun as we operate a fun casino with no real gambling. Usually the younger guests win the prize.

Is the casino table hire affordable?

We offer top quality service at highly competitive prices. We can tailor our services to meet the needs of your budget. We also offer a DIY casino night for limited budgets.

casino hire niWhere do you travel to?

We are based in L-Derry and cover all of Northern Ireland and the border counties. We also have a base in Co Tipperary that covers the South of Ireland.

Does a fun casino require a licence?

No restrictions or licenses are required as we simply provide themed entertainment.

You do not need a gaming licence to have a fun casino.
Entertainment Ideas Online Ltd are fully insured and run to comply with the 1976 Amusement and Lotteries Act in Northern Ireland and is run as themed entertainment in Republic of Ireland.

What can I offer as a prize?

You can offer anything except cash. Examples include TV’s, Holidays, Drinks, Hampers, Ipads etc…

What’s your favourite film?

Casino Royal…Obviously!