Casino Fundraiser Northern Ireland

A great idea for Charity, Sports Clubs and Organisations

An exciting, effective and overall unique  approach to fundraising…

fundraising casino northern irelandIf you are organising a charity casino fundraiser in Northern Ireland then you need that unique source of entertainment that will really attract guests and donations. Hosting a casino fundraiser night creates an exciting atmosphere which your guests will love, and they really will appreciate all your hard work.

How to raise money with our Casino Night

Firstly we would advise you to sell tickets to your event. Ticket sales should cover the cost of the hire and also make a starting profit. A representative of your organisation should work at a cash in desk where guests exchange their entry ticket for a set amount of fun money (Usually this is around $200 of fun money).

Our tables use a $10 minimum bet so this will enable each guest to have 20 plays on any table without losing.

Once your guests run out of fun money they can buy more at the cash in desk. You can set a rate for exchange for example £10 = $50 fun money. This allows you to raise that extra bit of funds for your charity. As with all casinos the house always wins, therefore your guests will keep wanting to play and buy more fun money.

Fun Casino Night Prizes

The prizes for the winners can be donated by businesses and members of your organisation. Number one rule with prizes is that they MUST NOT be cash.

fundraising casino ni

There has been some amazing prizes up for grabs at past casinos such as; Holidays, Electrical items, Vouchers, Alcohol, Golfing / Sporting items, Hampers, Signed memorabilia and Experience days. The better the prize the more competitive your guests will be at the tables… in a friendly fun manner of course.

We have had one Casino Night in Dublin where a brand new BMW was the prize! Now wouldn’t that be nice to take home!

Raising Additional Funds with our Casino fundraiser Hire

Sponsorship of Casino Tablesfundraising casino ireland

You can approach local business to sponsor a casino table for £50.
That business can then place advertising on the table such as a sign propped on the table, promotional goods and branded merchandise as spot prizes.
This is an excellent way of raising additional funds.

Roulette Raffle

The roulette wheel has 37 numbers and guests can buy a number for a set price.
Once all numbers are sold, the wheel is spun and the winning number wins a prize.
This can be used as a side bet when your guests are at the cash in desk and can also be setup a week before so that guests who are unable to make it on the night still have an opportunity to take part and donate.

You can also run a bonus roulette raffle and sell numbers at a premium price with a high value prize for the winner (see case studies).

5 Table Package – Case Study:

The 5 table package can accommodate up to 100 guests.

  • 100 guests each buy a ticket priced at £20 = £2000
  • £2000 Start up income
  • 5 tables sponsored at £50 per table = £250

fundraising ideas northern ireland

Each guest will receive $200 worth of fun money on arrival. This will give your guest 20 bets on the casino without losing. When they run out of their fun money the guest can buy additional money at special rate. Usually this rate is  £10 = $100 fun money. The more fun money you sell, the more money you raise!

For example if your 100 guests just spend an additional £10 on fun money you will raise £1000

Bonus Roulette Raffle

When buying fun money your guests can buy a slot on the bonus roulette wheel raffle.
The roulette wheel has 37 numbers (0-36). Guests can buy a number for £5 which means when the wheel is full you will bring in £185 straight away.

The wheel is spun and the winning number will win a cash prize of ?£90. This leaves you with £95 extra funds for your charity. This is a great way of raising additional funds as the cash bonus is a great incentive to donate.

If you hold 1 Bonus Roulette wheel raffle per hour based on 3 hours you will raise an additional ?£285

Now surely that’s a winner in itself!


  • Ticket Sales £2000
  • Sponsors of tables £250
  • 3 Bonus roulette raffles £285
  • Additional Fun Money Sold ?£1000

Gross Money Raised before costs £3535


Contact us to check availability and get a quote!

fundraising ideas northern ireland